Me before You Jojo Moyes
Me before You (foreign novel)
Jojo Moyes/ Translated by Maryam Meftahi
536 pages
The story is about Will who had such an interesting and huge life. He used to discover the world and do extreme sports. After an accident he became wheelchair bounded. Because he was an active man, he is not able to adopt himself to his new life; to help Will, his parents decide to hire someone to make him come out of his shield.  
The true story is between two personalities; Will who is stubborn and his nurse Lue who has weak personality. Lue does not have any special plan for her life. In fact, Will tries to make Lue’s live interesting, and Lue tries to bring hope to Will’s live.

Story is strong in explaining emotions; making environments and creating personalities. However, there are not that much speaking between Will and Lue. Author tried to create the best environment and emotion, so she forgot to have conversation between Will and Lue. Because of their unique and opposite personalities, they could have much better and interesting talk. In fact, if they make its movie, there will be not much dialogue in it. The movie will create strong emotional environment because of having eye contacts.

The translator did a great job in translating the story to Persian. It is strong enough to make a bond between reader and author. She could do a better job in translating names; in some cases the translated name was not correct, so there were confusion. 

In conclusion, the story was able to make you cancel your meeting and finish the book.

Translated by Ghazaal Morshedi



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